We have been specializing in production of investment goods basing on entrusted documentation and applying our engineering and know-how. We manage with the complex production process focused on  mechanical part of unique design large machines, equipment units, production lines, etc., and also their components and spare parts manufacturing. Typical investment projects basing on our supplies include power stations (water, wind or even nuclear), ship driving units, shipunloaders, production lines for mettalurgical, paper, cement and food industry, components for off-shore platforms, tyre forms, and many others.
We ensure the whole production process, not only machining which is performed at our own machining plant. All operations not held within our production capacities are coverd by outsourcing. Wide knowledge of Polish industry combined with our engineering and manufacturing capacities allow  to face up to important projects with long and complicated supplying chains.
We deal with most aspects of project management processes, as production, sub-supplies, logistics and financement: buying  materials, through machining stage, control and measuring operations, assembly, anitcorrosive surface treatments, ending with packing and delivery.

Efficient order implementation is guaranteed by:

  • Well-qualified team of employees managing technical, engineering, quality and commercial aspects, with a good command of foreign languages;
  • Our own machining capacities and assembly space allowing handling with large sizes components;
  • Technical experience and good knowledge of Polish industry potential;
  • Implemented system og quality management ISO 9001:2008;
  • Certifications within NDT and modern control-measuring equipment.