Among the variety of equipment delivered within large investment projects, it is worth of mentioning:

  • Mechanical part of water station turbines;
  • Machine parts for the paper industry such as: constructions of acid-proof   steel, sieve drums, vibrators, beams, rolls, etc.;
  • Constructions and parts of ship unloaders;
  • Components of ship drives;
  • Equipment controlling  the flow of crude oil and gas on the drilling platforms;
  • Steel frames for the food industry packaging;
  • Equipment for water purification plants
  • Parts of blast furnaces;
  • Generator frames for wind power stations;
  • Tyre forms

We have large production experiences with processing the following materials:

  • Welded constructions made of carbon, stainless and acid-proof steels;
  • Steel and iron castings;
  • Forgings (various steel grades);
  • Rolled steel products;

Weight of machined components may be between some kilograms up to 40-60 Mt. Other required special treatments of machined components (as  various types of heat treatment, anticorrosive surface treatment, etc.) may be performed within outsourced capacities.